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Ethnobotanical Study of Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia

Table 5

Number of use reports for each ailment category and fidelity level (FL%=Ip/Iu 100) values of MPs cited by 9 or more informants for being used against a given ailments categories. Ip is the number of informants who independently indicated the use of a species for the same major ailment and Iu is the total number of informants who mentioned the plant for any major ailments.

Number of use reports for several ailments categories
Plant speciesSkin/hairGITUGBCSnake, scorpion bitesSMProtozoaDiabetesRTNervous
ENEMGHCMajor ailment categoryFL (%)

1Senna alexandrina48GIT disorders81266.7
2Tribulus terrestris59Kidney problems91464.3
3Pulicaria undulata622Skin-related diseases61060.0
4Leptadenia pyrotechnica16112GIT disorders61154.5
5Rumex nervosus161111GIT disorders61154.5
6Rhanterium epapposum25111Diabetes51050.0
7Capparis spinosa151111GIT disorders51050.0
8Solanum incanum111612Malaria61250.0
9Tamarix aphylla511111Skin-related diseases51050.0
10Ricinus communis1611211Intestinal parasitic infections61346.2
11Tamarindus indica1261111Blood and cardiovascular disorders61346.2
12Anisotes trisulcus25211Malaria51145.5
13Nerium oleander2252Anti-snake venom51145.5
14Rhazya stricta2225Respiratory and throat diseases51145.5
15Acalypha fruticosa1111151Eye infections51145.5
16Ocimum basilicum1151111Kidney problems51145.5
17Abutilon Pannosum1115111Blood and cardiovascular disorders51145.5
18Zygophyllum coccineum211511Blood and cardiovascular disorders51145.5
19Commiphora gileadensis141111Skeletomuscular (SM) disorders4944.4
20Commiphora myrrha114111Urogenital diseases4944.4
21Adenium obesum1151121Urogenital diseases51241.7
22Artemisia abyssinica1211151Respiratory and throat diseases51241.7
23Moringa peregrina11115111Diabetes51241.7
24Myrtus communis1211151Respiratory and throat diseases51241.7
25Balanites aegyptiaca211152Tuberculosis51241.7
26Achyranthes aspera114211Urogenital diseases41040.0
27Aerva javanica11262111Skeleto-muscular (SM) disorders61540.0
28Malva parviflora121141Respiratory and throat diseases41040.0
29Withania somnifera2611221Intestinal parasitic infections61540.0
30Rumex vesicarius22252Skeletomuscular (SM) disorders51338.5
31Calotropis procera121151111Malaria51435.7
32Aloe vera512111111Skin-related diseases51435.7
33Ruta chalepensis2151221Urogenital diseases51435.7
34Datura stramonium2212151Rabies51435.7
35Blepharis ciliaris1311111Blood and cardiovascular disorders3933.3
36Capparis decidua3111111Skin-related diseases3933.3
37Salvadora persica2322Kidney problems3933.3
38Cissus quadrangularis22113Ear pain3933.3
39Citrullus colocynthis2241221Scorpion and snakes sting41428.6
40Ziziphus spina-christi41111111111Skin-related diseases41428.6
41Fumaria parviflora211131Blood and cardiovascular disorders3911.1

Skin/hair: skin and hair problems; GIT: gastrointestinal tract disorders, UG: urogenital diseases, BC: blood and cardiovascular disorders; SM: skeletomuscular disorders; Protozoa: diseases caused by protozoa; RT: respiratory and throat diseases; ENEM: ear, nose, eyes, and mouth diseases; GHC: general health conditions.

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