Research Article

Prophylactic Repetitive Treatment with the Herbal Medicine Kei-kyoh-zoh-soh-oh-shin-bu-toh Attenuates Oxaliplatin-Induced Mechanical Allodynia by Decreasing Spinal Astrocytes

Figure 6

Distribution of microglia in the spinal dorsal horn of oxaliplatin-treated mice and the effect of Kei-kyoh-zoh-soh-oh-shin-bu-toh (KSOT). Mice were given a single injection of oxaliplatin (OXP, 3 mg/kg, i.p.) or the corresponding vehicles (VH1) on day 0. KSOT or the vehicle (VH2) was orally administered once daily, starting the day after a single injection of OXP or the corresponding vehicle (VH1). The spinal cords were isolated on day 10 after OXP injection. Typical examples of the distribution of Iba-1-immunoreactive microglia in mouse spinal dorsal horn: (a) VH1+VH2, (b) OXP + VH2, and (c) OXP+ KSOT. Scale bar = 100 m. (d) The number of Iba-1-immunoreactive microglia. Data are presented as mean ± standard errors of the mean (n = 4). i.p.: intraperitoneal injection.