Research Article

Elucidation of the Effects of Si-Wu Tang on Menstrual Disorder Patterns through Activation of Aromatase and Antioxidation

Figure 3

Stimulation of levels of estradiol in testosterone-treated MCF-7 cells after treatment with Si-Wu Tang (SWT) and its components. (a) SWT and SWT without one herb at 200 μg/mL. 1, SWT; 2, SWT without Dang Gui; 3, SWT without Shao Yao; 4, SWT without Chuan Xiong; 5, SWT without Shu Di Huang. (b) The four herbs of SWT at 400 μg/mL. DG, Dang Gui; SY, Shao Yao; CX, Chuan Xiong (3); SDH, Shu Di Huang. (c) Marker substances of SWT at 50 μM. B, blank; C, testosterone only; AI, anastrozole; GA, gallic acid; FA, ferulic acid; P, paeoniflorin; Ca, catalpol; L, ligustrazine. B, blank, C, testosterone only (10 μg/mL); AI, anastrozole (100 μM), Compared to the control .