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Medicinal Uses, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Activities of Quercus Species

Table 1

Medicinal uses of some Quercus species.

SpeciesPartMedicinal useReference

Quercus alba L.BarkUsed as astringent, venotonic, and hemostatic[7]
Quercus acutissima CarrAcornTreat colitis, stomatitis, labor pains, obesity laryngopharyngitis diseases, astrictiona, diarrheaa, and furuncles[8, 9]
Quercus brantii LindlLeaves
Astringent effects, treatment of tonsillitis, and throat infections
Chronic skin diseases such as eczema and varicose veins
Diarrhea, internal enzymes, indigestion, stomach pain, anemia, rickets, and tuberculosis
Stomach tonic, astringent, and bleeding stopper
Diarrhea, coughing, mouth ulcer, and stomach ulcer
Quercus cerris L.Acorn
Beverage, throat inflammation, cicatrizing for wounds of livestock, tea for female disorders, ointment for wounds, diaphoretic, hemorrhoids, intestinal inflammation, psoriasis, thinness, and fodder[1418]
Quercus coccifera L.Leaves
Fodder, wild vegetables, astringent enuresis, metritis, gingivitis, dermatitis, diarrhea, vaginal diseases, cough, and hypertension[1921]
Quercus dilatataAcorn
Serve as brain, sexual tonic, cleaning teeth eradication of gonorrhea, urinary tract infections in district Swat
Sore mouth throat in Lawat district astringent, diuretic, diarrhea, indigestion and asthma in Poonch Valley, clean foul sores
Treatment of diarrhea, menorrhagia, and gastrointestinal
Quercus dentata ThunbGallDysentery, diarrheaa[8]
Quercus ilex L.Gall
Roasted seeds
Used as aesthetic hair, gingiva, tonic drink coffee, fodder[25, 26]
Quercus incana Roxb.Leaves
Used as astringent diuretic, antidiarrheal agent, treatment asthma. Antipyretic, antirheumatism, antidiabetic, and antiarthritic, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammations of the oral, genital, anal mucosa inflammation of the skin, skeletomuscular problems and antiarthritic purposes[2729]
Quercus infectoria-Olivier.GallUsed as astringent, diabetes disease, restore the elasticity of the uterine wall, inflammatory disorders, wound infections after childbirth, treatment of toothache, gingivitis, skin disorder, antiseptic, antistomatitis, deodorant, derivative, desiccant, expectorant styptic, tonic, tonic to teeth and wound healing[18, 3032]
Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus.Acorn
Treatment of urinary infection, cure toothache and piles, astringent, diarrhea, stomach ache cure, gonorrhea, asthma, hemorrhages, dysentery, gonorrheal digestive disorders, stomach pain, diuretic, urinary disorder, snake bite, check dysentery[3335]
Quercus robur L.Leaves
Diabetes, diarrhea[36]

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