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UNaProd: A Universal Natural Product Database for Materia Medica of Iranian Traditional Medicine

Table 1

Some basic definitions of ITM.


QualitiesThe four qualities of hotness, coldness, wetness, and dryness are foundational concepts in ITM, by which phenomena including the effects of medicinal substances on the body are explained.
Active qualityHotness and coldness are considered effectual on wetness and dryness and thus called active qualities.
Passive qualityWetness and dryness are considered affectable by hotness and coldness and thus called passive qualities.
MizajMizaj is defined as the uniform quality, created via interaction of the four qualities constituting a substance in various proportions. A prediction of the effects of medicinal substances on the body is possible via this property.
Mizaj typeDescribed as either balanced or unbalanced and expressed as exclusively one of the qualities or a combination of an active and a passive quality.
Mizaj degreeThe potency of each of the qualities in a Mizaj type is mostly expressed in a range between one and four (least to most potent), each further classified into minimum, medium, or maximum.
DNS (degree not specified)In UNaProd database, DNS is ascribed to qualities of Mizaj for which a Mizaj type has been determined, while no degree has been specified.