Research Article

Cordyceps militaris Induces Immunogenic Cell Death and Enhances Antitumor Immunogenic Response in Breast Cancer

Figure 5

CM-EE increased the expression of PD-L1 mRNA and protein in MDA-MB-231 cell. MDA-MB-231 cells were treated with CM-EE (0–50 µg/ml) for 48 h and then the expression of PD-L1 protein ((a)-(b)) and mRNA (c) were evaluated using flowcytometry or RT-PCR. (a) Representative histograms for PD-L1 expression on MDA-MB-231 cells. (b) Fluorescence intensity of PD-L1 expression. The results are presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD) for triple replicates. The unpaired t test was used for statistical analysis. compared with control. (c) Images of agarose gel electrophoresis of PD-L1 mRNA RT-PCR.