Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2021 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Korean Elite Athletes: Current Status and Future Implications

Table 3

Experience of Korean medicine treatments.

QuestionsAnswer choiceElite athletesGeneral population value

Q. Have you experienced KM previously?Yes83.373.80.143
Q. What are the reasons for having no experience for KM?No info for KM39.89.5<0.001
Treatment is expensive5.54.2
Worrisome for safety of herbal medicine7.03.4
KM treatments are too much7.811.6
No need for KM39.871.2
Q. How familiar are you with KM?Extremely familiar17.34.5<0.001
Very familiar9.830.4
Moderately familiar38.728.3
Slightly familiar25.534.7
Not at all familiar8.72.2
Q. How frequently do you use KM?3 times per week2.01.0<0.001
1–2 times per week8.34.2
1–2 times per month39.310.0
3–4 times per year29.521.1
Less than two times per year21.063.7
Q. Which institution have you visited for KM?KM clinic96.996.91
Public health center2.84.70.738
Herbal medicine pharmacy store11.910.20.894
KM hospital22.615.50.303
Q. How satisfied are you with overall KM experience?Very satisfied32.48.7<0.001
Very dissatisfied0.50.4