Research Article

Aboriginal Bacterial Flora in the Uricase-Deficient Rat Gut is Not the Main Factor Affecting Serum Uric Acid

Figure 1

Serum uric acid (SUA) levels in male Uox-/- rats treated with antibiotics (mean + SD, n = 12 (control) or 6 (antibiotics)). (a) control group, treated with normal saline; (b) Am + Cip group, treated with ampicillin (90 mg/kg) and ciprofloxacin (150 mg/kg); (c) Am group, treated with ampicillin (90 mg/kg); (d) Cip group, treated with ciprofloxacin (150 mg/kg). Day 0, the day before treatment; day 5, treated with drugs for 5 days. vs. day 0, paired-sample t-test.