Research Article

Aboriginal Bacterial Flora in the Uricase-Deficient Rat Gut is Not the Main Factor Affecting Serum Uric Acid

Figure 4

Bacterial abundance in the Uox-/- rats measured by culturing clones on the solid LB medium. The fresh stool was diluted to 107 folds, and a 100 μl sample was cultured on the surface. The aerobic bacteria grew on the surface and developed clones. The data of clones in the three groups were logarithmically transformed before statistical analysis. (a) Clones from the wild-type rat stool, (b) clones from the Uox-/- rat stool, (c) clones from the stool of Uox-/- rat treated with ampicillin (90 mg/kg) and ciprofloxacin (150 mg/kg) for 5 days, (d) summary of (a, b, c) (mean + SD, n = 6). WT, stool from the wild-type rats; Uox-/-−1, stool from the normal Uox-/- rats; Uox-/-−2, stool from the Uox-/- rats treated with antibiotics for 5 days. vs. WT; vs. Uox-/-−1, one-way ANOVA.