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Research Article

Ischaemic Heart Disease: Accuracy of the Prehospital Diagnosis—A Retrospective Study

Table 1

MECU Dispatch criteria in the observation period.

Life threatening conditions:
 Sudden loss of consciousness
 Absense of breathing
 Noisy or otherwise impaired breathing
Possible life threatening conditions:
 Severe chest pain
 Sudden onset of serious headache
 Impaired breathing in infants and children
 Suspected serious illness in children or infants
 Sudden onset of severe oral or rectal bleeding
 Sudden onset of bleeding in pregnant women beyond 20th
 gestational week
Accidents implying a risk of life threatening conditions:
 Motorway accidents
  On highways
  High velocity car crash
  Lorry or bus involved
  Motorcycle involved
  Pedestrian against car/motorcycle
 Other accidents
  Fall from heights
  Entrapped persons
  Accidents with bleeding victims
  Accidents involving horses
  Gunshot or stab wounds towards torso, neck, head
  Burns involving face or exceeding 20% (adults) or 10%
   (infants and children) of body surface
  Accidents involving trains or aeroplanes
  Fire implying a risk of damage to people
  Chemical exposure