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Research Article

An Online Tool for Nurse Triage to Evaluate Risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome at Emergency Department

Table 1

Features of patients presenting with chest pain at the emergency department categorized by having acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

FactorsNo ACS 
= 147
= 28

Male gender90 (61.22)15 (53.57)0.529
Median age (range), years64 (12–93)68 (44–88)0.023
Age gender risk116 (78.91)27 (96.43)0.031
Having diabetes mellitus31 (21.09)15 (53.57)0.001
Previous CAD60 (40.82)22 (78.59)<0.001
Having angina pain28 (19.05)21 (75.00)<0.001

Note. Data presented as number (percentage) unless indicated otherwise; age gender risk indicated being male more than 45 years of age or female more than 55 years of age; CAD: coronary artery disease; angina pain indicated having at least one feature of typical angina pain including chest tightness; squeeze pain at retrosternum, referred to shoulder, arm, or mandible; dyspnea or tachypnea, associated with sweating or palpitation without other obvious causes, syncope or fainting, or improved with sublingual nitroglycerin.