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Research Article

Origin and Evolution of the Ore-Forming Fluids in the Liyuan Gold Deposit, Central North China Craton: Constraints from Fluid Inclusions and H-O-C Isotopic Compositions

Table 2

The δ18, δ18, and δD data () of the Liyuan gold deposit.

SampleStageδ18δ18δDδ13 (°C) (p correction) (°C)

15LYD-12Late13.22.2−87 18230

δ18, measured δ18O value of quartz; δ18 value of ore-forming fluids in equilibrium with quartz is calculated according to the equation of 1000 reported by Clayton et al. [34]. The temperatures used in calculation are the mean values of the homogenization temperatures from the same quartz samples plus pressure corrected temperatures; that is, (P correction); δ13 values refer to CO2 released from fluid inclusions.