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Research Article

The Fe-Zn Isotopic Characteristics and Fractionation Models: Implications for the Genesis of the Zhaxikang Sb-Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit in Southern Tibet

Figure 6

The photomicrographs and electron probe micrographs of sampling area in the annular polished section samples for EPMA and Fe-Zn isotopic analyses. (a) 9-3-2; (b) 9-8-8; (c) 9-8-2; (d) 9-8-3 and 9-8-5; (e) ZXK-1-4; (f) ZXK-1-3; (g) ZXK-1-2; (h) ZXK-2-1; (i) ZXK-2-5; (j) ZXK-2-2; (k) ZXK-2-3; (l) ZXK-2-4; (m) ZXK-1-3; (n) ZXK-2-5; (o) ZXK-2-2; (p) ZXK-2-3. Abbreviations are as in Figure 5.