Table 3: Kinetic parameters and solid properties for the redox-buffering minerals used in base case simulation.

Redox-buffering mineral
mol l−1
g dm3 mineral
Reactive surface area
m2 g−1

Pyrite (diss.)10−9-5,020(6)5 × 10−5
Biotite (diss.)(4)10−12.2510−72,930(6)5 × 10−5
Chlorite (diss.)(4)10−12.2510−72,600(6)5 × 10−5
Organic matter (diss.)(5,6)5 × 10−125 × 10−5--

derived from Weaver et al. [12]; following Spiessl et al. [2] and references therein; in [mol0.5 l0.5 m−2 minerals s−1]; in [mol m−2 mineral s−1]; in [mol dm−3 SOM s−1]; set for base case.