Research Article

A Cause Analysis of the High-Content Nitrogen and Low-Content Hydrocarbon in Shale Gas: A Case Study of the Early Cambrian in Xiuwu Basin, Yangtze Region

Figure 3

A stratigraphic column and core photos of the late Ediacaran and the lower-middle Cambrian of Jiangye-1. (A) The late Ediacaran Piyuancun formation (depth: 2675 m). (B) The lower Cambrian Wangyinpu formation (depth: 2638 m). (C) The lower Cambrian Guanyintang formation (depth: 2546 m). (D) The middle Cambrian Yangliugang formation (depth: 2511 m). The data of gamma ray log and total gas content were from Schlumberger. See Figure 1 for the well location. Fm. = formation; GR = gamma ray log; TOC = total organic carbon content; GAS = total gas content.