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Sources and Effects of Fluids in Continental Retrograde Shear Zones: Insights from the Kuckaus Mylonite Zone, Namibia

Figure 5

Representative photomicrographs of protomylonites from the KMZ. Feldspar porphyroclast contain both tensile and shear fractures, and plagioclase is heavily sericitized. Quartz is found in discontinuous ribbons with a range of grain sizes (∼10-200 μm), defining the mylonitic foliation in conjunction with the phyllosilicates. (a) Sample 29, biotite gneiss, from area D. (b) Sample 2, Tsirub Gneiss, from Area A. (c) Sample 12, biotite gneiss, from area A. (d) Sample 35, leucogranite, from area C. .