Research Article

Numerical Simulation Study on the Distribution Law of Deviatoric Stress of Floor under the Influence of Mining

Table 3

Rock mechanical parameters selected by the model.

Name of rockRock thicknessCumulative buried depth/kg•m-3/GPa /GPa/(°)/MPa/MPa

15 the FGER700250010.444.54285.362.60
14 basic roof25007.606.5035134.5
13 basic roof20 m72025007.606.5035134.5
12 fine-grained sandstone7 m72725007.606.5035134.5
11 Dazhan sandstone5.8 m732.8270010.209.0038167.5
10 sandy mudstone6 m738.8250010.444.54285.362.60
9 mudstone0.8 m739.622008.825.04305.241.48
8 2-1 coal6.2 m745.815005.44.8252.81.5
7 mudstone7.5 m753.322008.825.04303.241.48
6 sandy mudstone7.5 m760.8250010.444.54285.362.60
5 L9 limestone2 m762.8270012.68.340108.71
4 mudstone5.2 m867.022008.825.04303.241.48
3 sandy mudstone5.3 m773.3250010.444.54285.362.60
2 L8 limestone10 m783.3270012.68.340108.71
1 basic bottom70 m853.3270012.68.340108.71