Case Report

Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in a Patient Affected by Systemic Sclerosis

Table 3

Case reports from literature.

AgeGenderIFNPathologyDoseDurationTiming of disease appearanceTherapyTrendAuthor, year and references

66FemaleINFαcon-1Chronic viral hepatitis18 MIU/daily for 2 weeks than 18 MIU/three times weekly20 weeks1 year after the end of IFN therapyTocopherol nicotinatePartial relief with recurrent diseaseTahara et al. [5]
47FemaleINFα2bChronic viral hepatitis3 MIU/three times weeklyInterrupted after 6 monthsDuring therapyInterruption of IFN therapy and prednisone 1 mg/kg/dayLimited form of systemic sclerosisSolans et al. [3]
52FemaleINFα2aChronic myelogenous leukaemia6 MIU/daily25 monthsDuring therapyLoop diuretics, cyclophosphamide 100 mg/day, prostanoids, steroidsPartial improvementBeretta et al. [4]