Clinical Study

Multifaceted Assessment of Chronic Gastritis: A Study of Correlations between Serological, Endoscopic, and Histological Diagnostics

Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients.

Age (years)56.5 (12–94)
Sex: male/female200/119
Hp seropositive (%)69.0 (220/319)
Endoscopic findings
 Atrophic gastritis258
 Gastric ulcer53
 Duodenal ulcer39
 Erosive gastritis17
 Gastric cancer39
Serum pepsinogens
 Pepsinogen I71.99 (38.65–80.90)*
 Pepsinogen II22.37 (11.48–26.63)*
 Pepsinogen I/II ratio3.55 (2.20–4.70)*
Kimura-Takemoto classification
 Absence of any atrophy60
 Closed-type gastritis146
 Open-type gastritis113

*Variables are presented as median (interquartile range) for skewes variables.