Table 1: Demographics, previous medical history, and characteristics of the acute diarrhoea episode.

DiosmectitePlacebo value

 Male, (%)89 (53.6)86 (52.8).88a
 Age (years), median [range]38.0 [19–63]38.0 [19–66].84b
 Height, females (cm), median [range]162.0 [150–180]162.0 [150–182].74b
 Height, males (cm), median [range]172.0 [158–202]173.0 [158–189].33b
 Weight, females (kg), median [range]64.0 [40–94]66.0 [44–102].29b
 Weight, males (kg), median [range]78.0 [49–107]76.0 [55–152].24b

Characteristics of the diarrhoea episode
 Previous history of gastrointestinal disorders, (%)9 (5.4)13 (8.0).35a
 Days from the 1st watery stool to inclusion, median [range]1.0 [0–3]1.0 [0–3].90b
 Nausea, abdominal pain, or anal irritation, (%)156 (94)148 (90.8).28a
 Number of stools over the past 24 hours, median [range]5.0 [2–22]6.0 [3–20].17b
 Positive stool culture, (%)40 (29.2)33 (22.9).23a
  Rotavirus16 (11.9)14 (10.0).61a
  Adenovirus7 (5.4)3 (2.2).21a
  Escherichia coli 13 (9.6)13 (9.3).92a
  Staphylococcus aureus 4 (2.9)2 (1.4).44a
  Amoebiasis4 (2.9)1 (0.7).21a

a2-tailed Chi-square test; bWilcoxon’s test.