Research Article

Reliability of Diagnostic Tests for Helicobacter pylori Infection

Table 1

Results of different tests for H. pylori infection in population-based cohort of 304 subjects.

Diagnostic methodPositive of all tested (%)Corpus and/or antrum, positive of all tested, (%)Antrum, positive of all tested (%)Corpus, positive of all tested, (%)

Serology119 (39.1)
UBT91 (29.9)
RUT95 (31.3)88 (28.9)89 (29.3)
Culture101 (33.2) 91 (30.1) 98 (32.3)
Histology97 (31.9)86 (28.3)89 (29.3)

UBT: 13C-urea breath test.
RUT: rapid urease test.
no culture in two, no culture in one.