Table 1: Patients’ clinicopathological characteristics ( ).

VariablesNumber of subjects

Age (years, [mean, range])60.0, 26–92
Main tumor site
 Upper third of stomach16
 Middle third of stomach6
 Lower third of stomach1
Clinically determined tumor diameter
(mm, [mean, range])
36.6, 18–60
Number of endoscopies (mean, range)2.7, 1–8
Endoscopic ultrasound
Number of biopsies/patient (mean, range)1.4, 1–5
Fine-needle aspiration biopsy
Preoperative pathological diagnosis
 Gastrointestinal stromal tumor 18
 Normal gastric mucosa4
Pathologically determined tumor diameter
(mm, [mean, range])
45.4, 16–110
GIST risk group