Table 1: Prevalence of low bone mineral density in patients with celiac disease as assessed by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan at spine.

AuthorsPatients characteristicsLow BMD

*McFarlane et al., 1995 [3]No. 65, on GFD47%
Walters et al., 1995 [4]No. 34, on GFD38%
Valdimarsson et al., 1996 [5]No. 63, untreated38%
Bai et al., 1997 [6]No. 25, untreated72%
*Kemppainen et al., 1999 [7]No. 77, on GFD and untreated26%
Sategna-Guidetti et al., 2000 [8]No. 86, untreated66%
Meyer et al., 2001 [9]No. 128, on GFD and untreated72%
Motta et al., 2009 [10]No. 31, on GFD9%
Vilppula et al., 2011 [11]No. 35, untreated62%

BMD: bone mineral density; GFD: gluten-free diet.
*Established as osteoporosis.