Research Article

Probiotics, Symptoms, and Gut Microbiota: What Are the Relations? A Randomized Controlled Trial in Subjects with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Table 2

“Treatment effect” (increase during active treatment minus increase during placebo treatment) on symptoms, proportions of the fecal microbiota, and on fecal diversity.

VariablesMean95% CI of the meanStatistics
(P values)

IBS symptom score1.570.10; 3.05P = 0.04
Bacteroides−0.01−0.11; 0.08ns (P = 0.77)
Faecalibacterium−0.03−0.18; 0.12ns (P = 0.63)
Lachnospiraceae0.05−0.03; 0.13ns (P = 0.18)
“Common” Simpson’s D−0.04−0.15; 0.08ns (P = 0.50)