(a) Representative image of proximal pancreas of animal no. 1, showing a localized area of tissue necrosis consistent with acute pancreatitis (arrows). (H&E, original magnification 40x)
(b) Higher power image of pancreatitis showing histologic evidence of cellular apoptosis and necrosis consistent with cell death (shrunken fragmented nuclei and dissolution of cell membranes). (H&E, original magnification 400x)
(c) Adjoining area of pancreas showing normal histology of acinar cells with no evidence of pancreatitis or other cellular injury. (H&E, original magnification 400x)
(d) Example of fat necrosis (left side of image) in adjacent extrapancreatic adipose tissue from the proximal potion of animal no. 5. (H&E, original magnification 100x)
Figure 4: Pancreatic histology.