Table 1: Characteristics of common pancreatic cysts.


Gender (male : female)1 : 12 : 10.5 : 9.51 : 4
Age range (yr)40–7060–8030–5060–80
Imaging features
(i) Communication with main ductVariableYesNoNo
(ii) LocationAnyHead/uncinate—50%Body/tail—90%Variable
Cyst fluid analysis
(i) Amylase High (>250 U/L)High (>250 U/L)Low (<250 U/L)Low (<250 U/L)
(ii) MucinLowHighHighLow
(iii) CEA (elevated: >192 ng/mL)LowElevatedElevatedLow
Malignant potentialNoYesYesNo
Features suggestive of malignancyNoneMain duct > 10 mm,
Branch duct:  solid component, mural nodule, cytology suspicious or positive for malignancy
Larger than 6 cm, solid component, mural noduleNone
Incidence of invasive cancer (%)0MD-IPMN:  40–50
BD-IPMN:  15
12Very rare
Resection if symptomatic
Resection: MD-IPMN
Resection or surveillance:  BD-IPMN based on presence of features suggestive of malignancy and comorbid disease
ResectionResection if symptomatic