Table 6: Risk factors of functional dyspepsia (multivariate analysis).

FD SubtypeRisk factorStandardized coefficient95% confident interval value

PDSFemale sex0.044−0.122 to 0.2090.604
Concomitant IBS0.2330.027 to 0.1100.001*
Alcohol0.2350.083 to 0.4420.004*
Smoking0.153−0.029 to 0.3830.092

EPSConcomitant IBS−0.370−0.127 to −0.055<0.0001*

PDS+EPSAlcohol0.3600.233 to 0.599<0.0001*
Smoking0.2650.105 to 0.5260.003*
NSAID0.1760.087 to 0.6380.010*

FD: functional dyspepsia; PDS: postprandial distress syndrome; EPS: epigastric pain syndrome; NSAID: non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
*Statistically significant.