Research Article

High Prevalence but Insufficient Treatment of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results of a Population-Based Cohort

Table 1

Reference values of laboratory investigations.

Laboratory parameter (units)malefemale

hb (g/dL)13.4–1711.8–16
Ferritin ( g/L)15–40018–120
Transferrin (g/L)2–3.6
sTfR (mg/dL) 0.83–1.76
Transferrin saturation (%)16–50
White blood count (/μL)3.800–10.500
Hematocrit (%)40–5237–48
MCV (fl)85–98
MCH (pg)28–34
CRP (mg/L)<5
Vit. B12 (pg/mL)210–910
Folate (ng/mL)3–15
Iron ( g/dL)50–16050–150