Research Article

High Prevalence but Insufficient Treatment of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results of a Population-Based Cohort

Table 3

Details on the 8 patients with persisting iron-deficiency anemia despite of treatment.

Type of IBDHb level (g/dL)Way of iron administrationDuration of substitution (months)Disease-specific treatmentActivity of IBD

Crohn’s disease11.1oral>12Remission
Crohn’s disease10.7Oral and i.v.1–3PrednisoloneChronic active
Crohn’s disease13.3
(transferrin saturation 9%)
Crohn’s disease7.4oral1–3MethotrexateChronic active
Ulcerative colitis8.4oral>12Mesalamine, prednisoloneChronic active
Crohn’s disease9.7i.v.1–3MethotrexateChronic active
Ulcerative colitis9.4oral<1Mesalamine, prednisoloneRemission
Ulcerative colitis11.9oral1–3MesalamineRemission