Table 3: Pulmonary adverse events grade I through grade IV. There was a total of 26 pulmonary adverse events in 14 patients.

Organ SystemAbsolute number/%Grade IGrade II-symptomatic and medical treatmentGrade III-invasive interventionGrade IV-ICU care or return to operating room

Pleural effusion10/4.6%Asymptomatic 0%Diuretics required 3/1.4%Thoracentesis required 4/1.8%Compromised, chest tube insertion 3/1.4%
Respiratory distress9/4.2%Mild symptom 0%Oxygen therapy or medications required 2/0.9%Endotracheal intubation 5/2.3%Tracheostomy required 2/0.9%
Pneumonia7/3.2%Minimal symptoms 3/1.4%Antibiotics and respiratory therapy 4/1.8%Bronchoscopy 0%Intubation required 0%