Table 3: Complications, treatment, and outcomes.


Major complications in technical success
Stent slipped off 2 days later1Surgery done, recovered
Major complications in technical failure
Metallic stent deployed outside  gastric wall 1Surgery done, recovered
 Duodenal perforation1Surgery done, recovered
 Bile peritonitis1Surgery done, deteriorated
Total major complications 4
Minor complications in technical success
 Severe abdominal pain1Resolved with medical treatment
 Postprocedure fever2Recovered with antibiotics
 Mild abdominal pain1Recovered
 Retrogastric collection1Recovered with PCD+
Minor complications in technical failure
 Bleeding1Stopped spontaneously
 Postprocedure fever1Recovered with antibiotics
Total minor complications7
Total overall complications1110 with recovery

ercutaneous drainage.