Table 1: Profiles of patients.

Patient no.Age Sex Chief complaints
(initial symptoms)
Preoperative diagnosisDiameter of appendix (mm)CEA (<6.0 ng/mL)CA19-9 (<37.0 U/mL)

159Female Abdominal distensionSuspicious PMP1824.5143.9
254Male Lower abdominal painSuspicious PMP6411.379.2
349Female Lower abdominal massSuspicious PMP325.149.2
454Male None (serum CEA elevation) Appendiceal tumor75417.4
544Female Abdominal painSuspicious PMP3587.9540.4
658Female None (abnormal findings on US)Suspicious PMP1426.1148.4
767Male Right inguinal mass and painSuspicious PMP504.57.9
856Female None (abnormal findings on US)Appendiceal tumor223.136.6
963Female Lower abdominal distensionSuspicious PMP252.118.5
1042Male None (abnormal findings on CT)Suspicious PMP1946.5137.6
1160Female None (abnormal findings on US)Suspicious PMP1133.491.9