Table 1: Obesity and risk of developing colon cancer.

StudyStudy typePopulation CRC risk obese versus nonobeseConclusion

Dai et al. 2007 [15]Meta-analysisInternational6,458RR 1.37 for malesObese men have increased risk of CRC

Polednak 2008 [7]Meta-analysisAmerican153,760RR 1.4 for males
RR 1.1 for females
Obese men have greater risk of CRC

Harriss et al. 2009 [8]Meta-analysisInternational67,361RR 1.24 for males
RR 1.09 for females
Higher BMI increases risk of colon cancer. Men have greater risk than women.

Pischon et al. 2006 [16]Prospective cohortEuropean368,277RR 1.55 for males
RR 1.06 for females
Obese men have greater risk of CRC

Rapp et al. 2005 [17]Prospective cohortAustrian145,000HR 1.56 for males and colon cancerObese men have greater risk of CRC. Obese womens have greater risk of colon cancer relative to rectal cancer.
HR 1.11 for females and colon cancer
HR 1.66 for males and rectal cancer
HR 0.66 for females and rectal cancer

RR: relative risk.
HR: hazard ratio.