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Review Article

Celiac Disease and Dermatologic Manifestations: Many Skin Clue to Unfold Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy

Table 2

Dermatological manifestation secondary to nutritional deficiencies.

Zinc deficiencyCrusty-erythematous-squamous dermatitis localized to periorificial regions, genitals and flexures, associated with diffuse alopecia, stomatitis, balanitis, vulvar, and proctitis
Iron deficiencyAtrophy and dryness, itching, hair loss, atrophic glossitis, angular stomatitis, and koilonychia
Vitamin A deficiencyPytiriasis rubra pilaris-like
Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiencyAngular stomatitis, glossitis, and oral mucosa ulcers, hyperpigmentation
Vitamin PP deficiencyPellagra