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Research Article

Lung and Intestine: A Specific Link in an Ulcerative Colitis Rat Model

Figure 2

Overall changes in normal and UC rats. (a) Animal general state. Normal rats were active and glossy hair. Feces were hard and granular ellipsoid without mucus and blood. Immune-TNBS-ethanol-induced UC rats were poor, and symptoms such as reduced activity, drowsiness, loss of appetite, slowing response, and emaciation were observed. Hair color was greenish yellow withered. Feces appeared diarrhea mixed with blood, loose or even water. (b) The body weight of the immune-TNBS-ethanol-induced UC rats was significantly lighter than that of the normal rats (**, , ). (c) Normal operated and immune-TNBS-ethanol-induced UC rat large intestine. Rats were normal or TNBS-ethanol treated for 7 days before sacrifice. Well-advanced inflammation is apparent in the colon of UC rat model. (d) Immune-TNBS-ethanol-induced UC rat lungs. There is an abscess in the left bronchus.