Table 1: The OLGA staging frame. Atrophy is scored as the percentage of atrophic glands and scored on a four-tiered scale. No atrophy (0%) = score 0; mild atrophy (1–30%) = score 1; moderate atrophy (31–60%) = score 2; 9 severe atrophy (>60%) = score 3. These scores (0–3) are used in the OLGA staging assessment in each 10 compartment. Taken from Rugge et al., Dig Liver Dis 2011; 43:S373-84 with permission of Elsevier.

Atrophy scoreNo atrophyMild atrophyModerate atrophySevere atrophy
(score 0)(score 1)(score 2)(score 3)

AntrumNo atrophy (score 0)
(including incisura angularis)
Stage 0Stage IStage IIStage II
Mild atrophy (score 1)
(including incisura angularis)
Stage IStage IStage IIStage III
Moderate atrophy (score 2)
(including incisura angularis)
Stage IIStage IIStage IIIStage IV
Severe atrophy (score 3)
(including incisura angularis)
Stage IIIStage IIIStage IVStage IV