Gastroenterology Research and Practice / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Magnifying Endoscopic Findings Can Predict Clinical Outcome during Long-Term Follow-Up of More Than 12 Months in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Table 1

Summary of relationship between ulcerative colitis treatment, Matts endoscopic grade, magnifying endoscopic (ME) classifications following crystal violet staining, and microvascular pattern (MVP).

TherapyMatts gradeME classificationMVP type
Matts 1Matts 2ME-A
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )

Mesalazine ( )722215931118
Salazosulfapyridine ( )41230041
Azathioprine ( )10010010
Azathioprine + mesalazine ( )14020314
None ( )24131142

ME-A: regular arrangement of normal-appearing round to oval pits; ME-B: irregular arrangement with/without enlarged spaces between the even pits; ME-C: irregular pits in size and shape with more irregular arrangement of pits compared to ME-B; and ME-D: disrupted or disappeared pits. MVP-regular: regularly arranged in a honeycomb-like structure; MVP-irregular: MVP with irregular, tortuous structure.