Figure 5: Downregulation or upregulation of ABCG2 had effect on migration and invasion potential in HCC cells. (a), (b) Wound healing assay evaluated the potential of migration of HCC cells. Untreated cells served as normal control. ABCG2+ cells were transfected with ABCG2 siRNA while ABCG2− cells were transfected with ABCG2-expressing plasmid. Scrambled siRNA and empty plasmid were used as negative control. The pictures above represent the wound right after tip scratch. Pictures below showed wound-healing status after 48 h. (c), (d) Results of transwell invasion assay. After 48 h of invasion, cells invaded to the lower chamber were stained and photographed. Invaded cells were counted in three random visions and the average numbers were presented. *** .