Table 1: Instruments and accessories needed for EUS-CP.


EchoendoscopesPreferably therapeutic (>3 mm working channel):
(i) GF-UCT140 (Olympus America Inc, Center valley, PA, USA): 3.7 mm
(ii) EG-3870UTK (Pentax of America Inc, Montvale, NJ, USA): 3.8 mm

Puncture devices(i) 19- or 22-gauge fine needle aspiration
(ii) 19-gauge fistulotome
(iii) 5 Fr needle knife

GuidewiresLong (450 or 480 cms):
0.018 inch, 0.021 inch, 0.025 inch, or 0.035 inch

Dilation devices Needed for transluminal and antegrade techniques:
(i) 6–10 Fr bougie (SBDC; (Cook Medical Inc, Bloomington, IN, USA)
(ii) 4–6 mm dilation balloon (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA, USA)
(iii) ERCP 3.9–4.9 Fr sphincterotome (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA, USA)
(iv) 5.5 Fr needle knife cautery (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA, USA)*
(v) 6–8.5 Fr cystotome (EndoFlex, Voerde, Germany).

Stent types
(as needed)
Plastic (6–10 Fr; straight, single, or double pigtail)
Metal (8–10 mm; uncovered, partially fully covered)#
Plastic (5–10 Fr; straight, single, or double pigtail)

EUS-CP: endoscopic-ultrasound-guided cholangiopancreatography. *Needle knife cautery is associated with increased risk of postprocedure complications. #Either plastic or covered (partially/fully) metal stents are used for transluminal stenting.