Figure 2: The appearances of tight junctions were evinced by immunostaining ZO-1 expression and localization after LPS and Lactobacillus administration. Negative control (NC) without treatment and positive control (PC) exposed to LPS for 3 hr were shown. Inflamed Caco-2 cells were colonized without bacteria (PC-24 h) or with LGG, LR, LP, Lcr35, LJ50, or LJ59 for 24 hr. (a) Representative 180-kDa ZO-1 band was shown by Western blot analyses. Expression of ZO-1 showed significantly lower levels in the PC and PC-24 h groups when compared to the NC group. (b) Representative slides were evaluated by immunofluorescence microscopy. Expression of ZO-1 showed similar levels in the LR, LP, and LGG groups when compared to the NC group. GAPDH: glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase.