Table 3: Comparison of clinical and pathologic variables between benign and malignant gastric schwannoma.

VariablesBenign schwannoma ( )Malignant schwannoma ( ) value

 <median age1221.00
 ≥median age132
Anatomic location
 Gastric antrum820.299
 Gastric fundus60
 Gastric body (lesser curvature)50
 Gastric body (greater curvature)52
Tumor size
 <median size1300.107
 ≥median size124
Ulcer of mucosa2130.553
Recurrences or metastatic020.015
Survival status
 Alive with no evidence of disease1810.021
 Died of unrelated causes61
 Died of metastasis or recurrent of the primary disease02
 Lost to followup10