Gastroenterology Research and Practice / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Geographic Mapping of Crohn’s Disease and Its Relation to Affluence in Jiangsu Province, an Eastern Coastal Province of China

Table 2

Classification of paediatric Crohn’s disease from Jiangsu province.

Variables Percentage (%)

Age at diagnosis
 A1a (0–10 y)27.7
 A1b (10–17 y)2492.3
Disease locations at diagnosis (%)
 L1 (distal 1/3 ileum)726.9
 L2 (colonic)623.1
 L3 (ileocolonic)1350.0
 L4 (upper disease)519.2
Disease behavior at diagnosis (%)
 B1 (inflammation)1142.3
 B2 (stricturing)934.6
 B3 (penetrating)519.2
 B2B3 (penetrating and stricturing)13.8
 P (perianal disease)415.4
 G0 (No evidence of growth delay)623.1
 G1 (growth delay)2076.9