Table 1: Demographic data, morphologic characterization of the lesion, and perioperative parameters.

AuthorNumber of patientsDiagnosisOperationOperative time
ComplicationHospital stay
Tumor size
Tumor location

Na et al. [6]7GIST (5)
Leiomyoma (2)
Intragastric wedge resection83.6 (70–105)Wound bleeding5.7 (4–7)2.7 (2.3–3.8)C: 4; F: 2; BL: 1

Wu et al. [7]13GISTPartial resection of the stomach99.6 (80–120)No0.6~5.4F: 5; A: 1; P: 2; BL: 3
BG: 2

Hirano et al. [8]1GISTPartial resection of the stomach64No73.9A: 1

Henckens et al. [9]1GISTGastric wedge resection140No42P: 1

Dapri et al. [10]1Stromal tumorGastric benign tumor resection150No5  cm2C: 1

Sasaki et al. [11]3GIST (2)
Benign carcinoid tumor (1)
Gastric wedge resection86 (40–147)No5 (4–6)3.4 (2.4–4.0)A: 2
BG: 1

Takahashi et al. [12]5GIST (4)
Nonspecific inflammatory (1)
Partial resection of the stomach89 (72–129)No10 (9–12)3.6 (2.5–4.5)F: 4
B: 1

F: fundus of stomach; C: cardia; B: body of stomach; L: lesser gastric curvature; G: greater gastric curvature; A: the anterior wall of stomach; and P: the posterior wall of stomach.