Table 2: Required materials of single-incision laparoscopic partial gastrectomy.

AuthorPatient’s positionPort systemLaparoscopeInstrument
Single portTrocarsAdditional portTipDiameterDegreeGraspersRetractor

Na et al. [6]Supine position4-channel OCTO port V2-B2 mm (1)Not mentioned1030Curved Extra small Alexis wound retractor
Wu et al. [7]Supine posture with legs apartNo3 (10, 5, 12)NoRigid1030RigidNo
Hirano et al. [8]Anti-Trendelenburg positionNo3 (5, 5, 12)2 mm (1)Flexile10Not mentionedNot mentionedMini-loop retractor
Henckens et al. [9]French positionTriport3 (5, 5, 12)NoGoose neck530Double-bendedNathanson liver retractor
Dapri et al. [10]Not mentionedNo* (11, *, *)NoNot mentioned1030Curved reusable No
Sasaki et al. [11]Not mentionedNo3 (5, 5, 12)NoFlexible5Not mentionedReticulated Mini-loop retractor
Takahashi et al. [12]Lithotomy positionSILS3 (5, 5, 5/12)NoFlexible5Not mentionedSponge spacerMini-loop retractor