Table 4: Required materials of single-incision laparoscopic distal gastrectomy and lymph node dissection.

AuthorPatient’s positionPort system LaparoscopeInstrument
Single portTrocarsAdditional portTipDiameterDegreeGraspersRetractor

Omori et al. [13]Supine position with legs
spread far apart
No3 (10, 5, 12)2 mm
left subcostal midclavicular
Flexible1030Rigid2 mm mini-loop retractor;
Park et al. [14]Not mentionedThree-lumen single-port trocar OCTO3 (5, 12, 12)
4 (5, 5, 5, 12)
2 mm
left subcostal area
Rigid530Prototype curved instruments2 mm needle trocar
Ozdemir et al. [15]Reverse Trendelenburg with legs in the Lloyed Davies positionOlympus QuadportNot mentionedNoFlexible tip;
1030Maryland forcepsNot mentioned
Kong et al. [16]Supine posture with legs apartNo3 (10, 5, 12)NoRigid1030RigidNo
Nonaka et al. [17]Supine, split-leg positionNo3 (5, 5, 12)2 mm right subcostal spaceFlexible5Not mentionedNot mentioned2 mm mini-loop Mini-loop retractor