Table 3: Multiple logistic regression of association between clinical factors and gallstone disease among elderly agricultural and fishing screened subjects (n = 6,511).

ValuableGallstone disease (yes versus no)
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI

Sex (female versus male)1.12(1.03–1.28)
Age (yrs)
 (65–74 yrs versus 60–64 yrs)1.09(1.00–1.20)1.27(1.11–1.39)1.14(1.02–1.32)
 (75–84 yrs versus 60–64 yrs)1.16(1.03–1.30)1.40(1.18–1.63)1.22(1.04–1.41)
 (≥85 yrs versus 60–64 yrs)1.69(1.33–2.08)2.14(1.77–2.52)2.00(1.49–2.55)
Obesity (yes versus no)1.01(0.86–1.17)1.26(1.09–1.44)1.09(0.95–1.24)
Metabolic syndrome
 (One or two versus none)1.13(0.96–1.40)1.48(1.08–1.76)1.33(1.10–1.54)
 (Three or more versus none)1.52(1.29–1.81)2.01(1.72–2.30)1.69(1.42–1.97)