Table 3: Bivariate correlations (Pearson’s ) between age, disease activity scores, disease duration, fatigue interference, self-efficacy, and SOC in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease patients.

SOC totalComprehensibility Manageability Meaningfulness

Ulcerative colitis ( )
 Age in years 0.010.02−0.070.06
 Disease duration in years0.
 GSE 0.51b0.46b0.47b0.41b

Crohn’s disease ( )
 Age in years0.
 Disease duration in years0.
 GSE 0.48b0.42b0.38b0.45b

Abbreviations: SCCAI: simple clinical colitis activity index; HBAI: Harvey-Bradshaw activity index; FSS-5: Five-Item Fatigue Severity Scale; GSE: General Self-Efficacy Scale.
a , b .