Clinical Study

Bacteremia after Endoscopic Submucosal Excavation for Treating the Gastric Muscular Layer Tumors

Table 1

The positive blood culture results.

NumberLocation of the tumorBefore ESEFifteen minutes after ESEOperation time Size (cm)

Number 1FundusNegativeStaphylococcus capitis 28 min0.6
Number 2Body of stomachNegativeStaphylococcus capitis 35 min1.3
Number 3FundusNegativeStaphylococcus warmen 34 min1.2
Number 4FundusNegativeStaphylococcus warmen 28 min0.9
Number 5Body of stomachNegativeStaphylococcus hominis 29 min2.5
Number 6Body of stomachNegativeStaphylococcus cohnii 31 min1.0
Number 7FundusNegativeGram positive bacilli32 min0.5
Number 8Body of stomachNegativeGram positive bacilli29 min0.8
Number 9Body of stomachNegativeMicrococcus luteus 31 min0.8