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Hepatocyte Turnover in Chronic HCV-Induced Liver Injury and Cirrhosis

Table 1

Apoptotic and antiapoptotic gene expression in chronic HCV-mediated liver injury and cirrhosis.

Gene/productFunction in CHCRole

 IRF-7UpregulationTranscription factor
 Cytoplasmic dynein light chainUpregulationMotor protein, centrosome assembly
 AML1/RUNX1UpregulationTranscription factor
 Dr-nm23/NME3UpregulationInhibition of granulocyte differentiation
 Plasminogen activator inhibitor-2UpregulationFibrinolysis, tissue repair
 SARP3UpregulationCellular growth and differentiation
 CTGFUpregulationTissue fibrosis, cell adhesion
 CDKN1CUpregulationTumor suppressor
 CDC42DownregulationCell cycle progression
 Bcl-2UpregulationCell proliferation, oncogenesis
 Bcl-wUpregulationCell proliferation
 E2F transcription factorUpregulationCell cycle progression
 NF-BUpregulationCell proliferation, regeneration
 Tissue metalloproteinase inhibitorUpregulationCell-cell interaction, anti-inflammatory cell response

CHC: chronic HCV-induced hepatitis; IFN: interferon; IRF: interferon regulatory factor; AML1: acute myeloid leukemia 1 protein; RUNX1: Runt-related transcription factor 1; NME3: nonmetastatic cells protein 3; SARP3: secreted apoptosis-related protein 3; CTGF: connective tissue growth factor; CDKN1C: cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1C; CDC: cell division cycle 42 GTP-binding protein.

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