Table 1: Last screening result according to the test used (gFOBT or FIT) from 2000 to 2010.


Negative test result24,07293.14,28192.7
Indeterminate test result1,0033.9501.1
Positive test result7873.02876.0
Positive test with no further assessment*580.290.2
Negative colonoscopy result3681.41052.3
Low-risk adenoma480.2240.5
High-risk adenoma2250.91222.6

gFOBT was the only screening test used in 1st–3rd round. For the fourth round the gFOBT was offered to individuals in 10 Basic Health Areas and the FIT was offered to individuals in two Basic Health Areas; *11 individuals using gFOBT and 7 individuals using FIT were not referred to further assessment because they had a recent colonoscopy.